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The Photo Archive

Fotoalbum och fotografier
Photographer: Ian Schemper

The archive holds material from the extensive documentation of buildings performed during nearly 40 years by the County Museum of former Älvsborg. Furthermore, the archive consists of historical collections of photographs from the parishes of the county as well as material from several studios. These topographical archives and material of personal history covers the years from the 1860s till today.

Rare photographs

The oldest collection of photos is a rather rare collection, consisting of pictures from countries around the Mediterranean from 1860-1868. The merchant and collector Adolf Andersohn (1820-1887) acquired these photos during his many travels to these countries.

Generations of people of Vänersborg portrayed

A large part of the people of Vänersborg are documented in three different portray-series. The collection covers the period 1890-1910, 1923-1970 and 1954-1994 and come from the known photographers in the city Vänersborg: Olle Presto/K&A Vikner, Altejé Mira and Sifa. The collection has over 350 000 photographs.

Aerial photographs and churches

The collections also includes the AB Flight Traffics collection of aerial photograph and postcard photo from the entire previous Älvsborgs counties. In addition there are topographically arranged photographs from the same area. The collection also include photographs of about 90 000 buildings within the former Älvsborgs County and a collection of photographs of churches in western Sweden .


And finally, just to name a few photographers there is Gustaf Ewald with photographs from Älvsborg, Olof Jonsson with photographs from Hjärtum - Väne - RYR and Anders Johansson with photographs from Främmestad and Sjuntorp.

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