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Visit the museum

Foto: Anna Panser

Welcome to visit Vänersborgs Museum, the oldest museum environment in Sweden. Vänersborgs museum was built as a museum and contains Sweden's oldest exhibition, created in the late 1880s - the African Bird Exhibition.

Opening hours: 
September - May
Thursday - Sunday 
between 12 – 4 pm

June - August 
Wednesday - Sunday
between 12-4 pm

Sometimes there are different opening hours (only in Swedish)
The museum may be opened at other times to booked groups. Guided tours in english are availble to book. Contact details below.

Accessibility description for the museum:
 Tillänglighetsdatabasen (in english)


Free wifi: "VGR Publikt"
The museum has a small shop.

More information about the area and other activities on



Vänersborgs museum

Visiting address: 
Vallgatan 17 C, Östra Plantaget

Mail address: 
Vänersborgs museum
Box 38
462 21 Vänersborg

Phonenumber: 0521-600 62


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