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Jacana - Birds from Africa who almost can walk on water

Foto: Ann-Charlott Öberg

Jacana, these big-footed birds from Africa can distribute their weight so that they can walk on lily pads on their hunt for fish. Two species can be seen in the African bird exhibition.

These birds should hold first place on the list of birds with big feet - in relation to body length. Jacana can often be seen in small lakes and ponds where the gently tiptoe around on lily pads in their quest for fish which it caches at the water surface. The generous length of its toes distributes the weight of the bird on large leafs of the fragile water lilies.

Jacana - also called Jesus bird and lily trotters (Actophilornis africanus and Micro Parra capensis), A837-A841.

The birds are in showcase 11 in the African bird exhibition.

Updated: 2017-08-30 13:43