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The Hornbill-bird

Näshornsfågel. Foto: Ann-Charlott Öberg

The bird belonging to the Hornbill family is not suffering from claustrophobia. Imagine being entombed in a tree. The Hornbill-birds can be found in the African bird exhibit.

In most species, which belongs to the group of hornbills present a distinctive behavior when the birds incubate their eggs. The nest is arranged in a cavity of a tree. The female places herself on the eggs in the nest and then the male builds a wall around her with mud and animal droppings until only a very small opening remains. Through the hole, the male then feeds the brooding female until the young hatches. This behavior reduces the risk of plundering of the nests from the assets of the precious eggs.

Hornbills (Tockus Bucorvus) A197-A208.

The birds are in shocase 8 in the African Bird Exhibition.

Updated: 2017-08-30 13:30