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Secretarybird - a tough bird from Africa

Sekreterarfågel. Foto: Ann-Charlott Öberg

There is a bird in Africa who do not fear the black mamba. In the African exhibition you can see the secretarybird with its long legs and wonderful eyelashes.

The secretarybird is a relatively common sight where it strolls up on the African savannah. The long legs may be said to be an adaptation to survive its choice of food. The secretarybird live largely of snakes. In high savannah grasses there are a variety of snakes, some of which are among the most toxic of the world. The bird´s long legs protects against bites into the body during the hunt when bird catches the snake with its claws and kills it with its sharp beak.

Secretarybird (Sattigarius serpentarius) A11.

The bird is in showcase 4 in the African Bird Collection.

Updated: 2017-08-30 13:36